February 12, 2014

This was a great day to be alive!

My first time running a 14-dog team! And I can assure you that there will be many, many more. :-)

"The dog is the most faithful of animals, and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made His greatest gifts the commonest." - Martin Luther


Happy Sled Dog Day!

I never knew before today that groundhog day is also sled dog day. Unlike most people (outside the mushing world), I've never been a big fan of February 2nd, as it is a reminder that spring is approaching and the best, & all too short, season of the year will soon be a memory. But sled dogs on the other hand, are definitely something to celebrate! Enjoy the rest of the 2013-2014 season and when its over start planning for and looking forward to next season. Join me in giving a round of doggy hugs & have a wonderful sled dog day!

Wishing you many great runs in the future!


2014 Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race!

We recently spent 10 absolutely wonderful days in the UP leading up to the Tahquamenon race. We had a bunch of really great runs during the week before the race, it is truly heaven on earth up there! It's always so hard to leave. We took 12 of my main dogs and logged close to 100 miles during our time there. What a blast!

Friday night, the night before the race, brought 22 inches of fresh snow at the race site. The trail crew got up really early and worked hard all morning to open them up for the race. I ran in the 6-dog class and Dad ran his first race with my B team in the 4-dog class. We all (the dogs, Dad, and myself!) had a great time. My team was made up of Eureka and Kiana, Minto and Yukon, and Paxson and Delta, all 2 1/2 year old dogs from my Alaskan Towns litter. Dad ran Acadia, Kleio, Moose, and Kodiak. It was slow going due to the amount of fresh snow on the trails, so it was a new and really great experience.

For most of the race, my team and I ran in a train of teams. This is unusual for a race and was due, I assume, to the slow trail conditions. It was really fun to run with so many teams, and it was another great experience too. There was a lot of passing going on throughout the whole race, and I was thrilled to see how well my pups did with both passing and being passed. Coming from Ohio, we don't have many opportunities to practice passing or spend time around other teams. It's always fun to run with other teams and have opportunities to pass whenever we go to the UP.

The teams in our little train started to pull away from each other during the last 8-10 miles. My pups ran a great race and during the last 2-3 miles they started to pick up the pace. I waited until we started on the last mile to call them up with their special whistle, and when I did they immediately broke into a lope. They finished happy and strong, and that's the most important thing to me!

Dad finished in 11th place in his class with a time of 3 hours and 9 minutes. I took 8th place with a time of 5 hours and 15 minutes. Thanks to our handlers for helping us to the line, and to all of the amazing volunteers who made the race possible!

My "A" team - Yukon, Kiana, Minto, Eureka, Delta, and Paxson
Yukon, Kiana, and I in one of my favorite landscapes. It is so beautiful!
Running down County Rd. 500, what a blast!
Dad with the "B" team - Kleio, Acadia, Moose, Riley, and Kodiak
I've always looked forward to the first time I would finally experience the feeling of snow frozen on my face. It happened on New Year's Eve! :-)

Kiana is such a singer!
Minto, Eureka, Yukon, Kiana, Paxson, Delta, Kodiak, and Zorro

My team leaving the chute.

Dad's team waiting to take off.

A huge THANK YOU to my amazing family for all of your support. Tom and Brenda, thank you both so much for your support and advice. Thanks to all of my friends for your encouragement. I love you all!

Another huge "Thank You!" to my sponsors! I am so appreciative of your support.
Minot Machine and Welding
Wayne Homes


You can view more pictures of our wonderful 9 days in the UP on my sister's Flickr site here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/miss_n_arrow/ Thanks for sharing your amazing photography skills, E!

Thanks for checking in and happy trails!


January 2013 Video

I took this video during our wonderful week in the Upper Peninsula in January. It gives you a little glimpse of how gorgeous it is up there. You can see the dogs looking back at me waiting for my command to go, and then pulling in unison to start the sled. This is one of my favorite videos because it captures that!

The line-up is Yukon and Uri in lead, followed by Delta, Eureka, and Tazlina and Minto in wheel.


Fall training photos

Training is going very well. The dogs are doing great and we are all enjoying the beautiful new trails that we now have access to. The fall colors are amazing right now and I am enjoying watching the beautiful sunrises unfold in front of my dog teams!

Here are a couple pictures from the last two runs. We're now up to seven dogs!

Yukon, Uri, Minto, Kiana, Strider, Tazlina, and Riley

Yukon and Uri leading the team.

From the front back: Paxson, Acadia, Eureka, Moose, Kleio, Delta, and Kodiak

Thanks for checking in and happy trails!


Fall training is here!

It was 38 degrees here in Ohio this morning! We started the season out with two really great runs, each with a six-dog team. All the dogs are super excited to be running again, and I must say that I'm in complete agreement with them! Here are a few pictures from the morning.

Yukon, Uri, Riley, Kiana, Minto, and Tazlina back from their run. I love Yukon's doggie smile. :-)

Eureka, Acadia, Paxson, Moose, Kodiak, and Delta back from their run.

The view from the ATV!


Slow Motion

Watching dogs run in slow motion fascinates me. Every movement is so smooth and effortless. This is a video of Delta, Acadia, Kiana, and Moose in January 2013. I hope you enjoy it!